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Informazioni Personali
Cognome / Nome Cristina V.
Indirizzo [Indirizzo Oscurato], 00161 (Lazio)
Telefono [Telefono Oscurato]
E-Mail [Email Oscurata]
Cittadinanza Italiana
Data di nascita [Data di Nascita Oscurata]
Sesso Femminile
Occupazione desiderata Babysitter, Insegnante, Interprete, traduttrice
Istruzione e formazione
Titolo di Studio Laurea Specialistica
Esperienze lavorative
Anni di Esperienza Meno di uno
Lavoro Insegnante inglese per studenti spagnoli
Date 01/04/2010 - 31/05/2010
Lavoro Ripetizioni di inglese e tedesco
Lavoro Stage di traduzione presso agenzia di traduzione
Date 01/09/2010 - 31/10/2010
Competenze Linguistiche
Altra(e) lingua(e)
italiana Madre Lingua
inglese Ottimo
tedesco Buono
Altre Informazioni
Presentazione Personale Buongiorno, sono una neolaureata in interpretariato e traduzione presso l' università san pio v di roma. sto cercando un'occupazione come interprete o traduttore freelance dall'inglese/tedesco all'italiano, o in un settore commerciale in cui sia richiesto l'uso delle lingue. ho esperienza come interprete e traduttore all'interno dell'università e all'interno dello studio melchior di torino. do la mia piena disponibilità a partire dal mese di novembre. spero di ricevere vostre notizie. cordiali saluti, cristina valenza hi, i am writing to you in order to find a job or an internship in your studio. my name is cristina valenza and i just graduated as interpreter. since 2003, i have been combining my bachelor’s degree in language and literature, which included a broad range of courses in english, german and spanish. in 2006, i had the chance to take part in an erasmus program at the university of leeds (uk). since that experience, which left a lasting impression on me, i have traveled as much as possible to deepen my intercultural understanding. after finishing my ba at the university of turin, and pursuing the aim of deepening my knowledge in mediation, i held a ma in interpreting and translation, at luspio university (rome). this master offered a wide range of courses related to international business and foreign trade and let me increase my capacities in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. during my attending the master, i had the chance to enhance my knowledge in the fields of mediation and interpreting for one month at the university of germersheim (germany). i really enjoyed the fact of studying in different countries. after the completion of my former studies, i applied for a position as english teacher at the international language center (valencia), which let me gain quite a lot of experience in the field of education. currently, i have been transferred to turin (italy), where i am working for n international linguistic consulting office. my main tasks consist of management linguistic projects, proofreading and elaborating commercial, financial and legal translations, interpreting at trade fairs and missions, and maintain the communication with companies and linguists from all over the world. i would like to deepen my knowledge of more specific areas of international marketing management, knowledge transfer, and international business networks, well as the challenges of strategic alliances in international business. i expect to increase my capabilities to make both strategic and operational level decisions in international contexts, work in international positions, and take on managerial responsibilities for international operations. i have always intended to further my knowledge of foreign languages. therefore, i have spent several months in the uk, spain and germany. i describe myself as a proactive and group working person. through my academic career i have learned the importance of brilliant results and the joy of finding answers, and i expect to reassure it in the future. what can i offer? i can devote myself to the profession, work hard and use the combination of my work experience, education, maturity and motivation to excel. yours faithfully, cristina valenza
Disponibilità Full time, Sabato, Domenica, Lunedi, Martedi, Mercoledi, Giovedi, Venerdi
Trattamento dei Dati Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali ai sensi del Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"
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